Best Fish to Catch on a Destin FL Offshore Fishing Charter

Ah, offshore fishing in Destin. Where else can you get the thrill as you head towards the deep, deep waters to catch some of the biggest and feistiest fish? With so many of the best fish to catch on a Destin Florida offshore fishing charter, it’s a unique adventure that every angler must try.

But what can you expect as you go offshore? We list down the best fish to catch on a Destin Florida offshore fishing charter, so read on!


Best Fish to Catch on a Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charter

Take a look at the type of fish you can catch once you’re offshore in the area:

Best Fish to Catch on a Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charter 


There are different types of snappers you can catch in Florida, such as the gray, lane, and mutton snappers.

However, it’s red snappers that continue to attract fishermen in Destin (and other parts of the world) for years! The largest red snapper caught in Florida was from the coast of Destin, weighing a whopping 46 pounds and 8 ounces!

Compared to other snapper species, red snappers have pointed anal fins, which set them apart. You can also find these snappers in colors pink and red, making it easy for fishermen to distinguish them from other offshore fish species in the area.

Best Fish to Catch on a Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charter


Like snappers, there are different types of groupers you can find around Florida, like black, gag, and red groupers. No matter the grouper you want to fish for, all groupers are on the bigger side and are considered bottom feeders, making them quite challenging to catch for commercial and recreational fishermen alike!

However, they are worth searching for because the most enormous gag grouper caught weighed over 80 pounds in Destin! Destin was also where the most giant Warsaw grouper was brought on board to a boat, weighing over 436 pounds!



Sometimes referred to as ling or lemonfish, cobia fish have long and slim bodies with depressed heads. Moreover, they are known for their dark lateral stripes running from their eyes to tails, with brownish colors and white bellies.

You can usually find cobia close to shore, congregating buoys, wrecks, and even pilings as they eat crabs and squid. They can also be located offshore as well! But their location shouldn’t fool you, as these fish can grow quite large! The biggest cobia found in Destin was 130 pounds and one ounce!



You can find different types of mackerel in Florida waters, such as the cero, king, and Spanish mackerel. King mackerel is one of the top targets tournament fishermen focus on when going to Destin. You can find the fish species in relatively shallow waters off the Florida coast in places with tons of schools of small fish.

While it’s challenging to find mackerel over 60 pounds, it isn’t impossible! The largest king mackerel caught weighed about 90 pounds in Key West, Florida. Other mackerel species weigh less, with the biggest cero caught weighing 17 pounds and the most prominent Spanish mackerel caught weighing about 12 pounds.

Best Fish to Catch on a Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charter 


Sailfish has been Florida’s official state saltwater fish since 1975, and for a good reason. It’s got unique dorsal fins that can perform acrobatic jumps that will get your full attention! The largest sailfish caught was about a decade ago, weighing 126 pounds.



While you can find a lot of amberjack fish worldwide, the bigger ones you’ll find are in Florida. These fish have dark stripes running from their noses to dorsal fins. They have soft dorsal fins and would spend most of their time in wrecks and reefs.

Best Fish to Catch on a Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charter 


There are around 40 kinds of triggerfish worldwide, with gray triggerfish being the most common in Florida. While called gray, they actually have blue spots on the sides and can change colors throughout the year. Furthermore, they have spines on their backs, which are helpful to escape from potential predators.

While they aren’t the largest fish you can catch, they have such a unique appearance, making them worth targeting. The most giant triggerfish from Florida weighed a bit over 13 pounds.

Best Fish to Catch on a Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charter 


For fishermen looking for a challenge, then you’ll want to aim for tarpon! They are known as the silver king of sports fish, thanks to their strong fighting abilities.

Plus, many fishermen target tarpon because of how big they can get, making them challenging to catch. Fishermen set the record of catching the biggest tarpon in 1975, weighing 243 pounds.



Mahi-mahi is also called dolphinfish but is different from dolphins.

Similar to dolphins, mahi-mahi would stay around the water surface, though they have rounded heads and bright green and blue colors, which give them a unique appearance. Interestingly enough, these fish can change colors when getting one to board a boat! The biggest mahi-mahi ever caught weighed 87 pounds.



You can find a ton of sharks off the coast in Florida waters, with the state ranking as one of the top states with the most sharks. The biggest shark ever caught in Destin was a thresher shark, weighing 544 pounds and 8 ounces! However, if you try to catch sharks, we recommend doing so with experienced anglers, particularly those from fishing charters.


Finding a Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charter

With all that fish, you’re probably thinking: Heck, sign me up!

While you can go on your own offshore fishing trip, we highly recommend joining a charter or booking a private offshore fishing charter. Fishing charters (like ours) offer quality services with everything you need, from a professional captain and crew with licenses and knowledge to teach you how to fish down to the equipment and safe facilities.

That way, you can focus more on learning how to fish and catching the big one than locating the fish, maneuvering the boat, and juggling all the responsibilities!


Wrapping It Up

Whether you’ve booked your fishing trip or still plan to, there’s much to look forward to when in Destin! With all these best fish to catch on a Destin offshore fishing charter, you won’t have a dull time the entire day.

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