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Destin Florida has some of the best tarpon fishing in the country. Our top-notch guides will expertly put you and your friends on the fish. Make sure to book with us to catch the fish of a lifetime.

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The waters off the coast of Destin, Florida, are home to some of the largest tarpon fish you can ever come across anywhere in the world. Of all the types of fish you can catch in Destin, the tarpon is probably the one species that Puts Destin on the map as the best sport fishing destination.

Anglers require to time the setting of the hook for a chance to get tarpons to bite and fall into the bait trap. They’re aggressive when they bite, so anglers will enjoy the thrill of wrestling and successfully reeling in a tarpon.

Looking for an action-packed tarpon fishing trip on the western coast of Florida? Call Destin Florida Tarpon Fishing Charters today and book your Tarpon fishing trip.

Tarpon Fishing Information

Tarpon anglers can attest that Destin has world-class Tarpon fishing charters. The Tarpon fishing reports are what make the tarpon excursions an exciting fishing charter to look forward to for both experienced and novice tarpon anglers.

 Catching and releasing tarpons is almost like a rite of passage for all anglers who settle on Destin, Florida, for their fishing vacation. Tackling and bagging a tarpon leaves you with a great deal of accomplishment as an angler.  That’s why most fishing enthusiasts frequenting the Destin, Florida coast seek to have at least one tarpon catch while out on a fishing charter. It’s the hallmark of Destin Florida Fishing Charters in the spring and summer months, but mainly because tarpon is the one fish that bites all year long.

Everything You Need to Know About Tarpon in Destin

It’s a protected fish species, which makes it game fish under the State of Florida. As such, there are huge populations of the fish as female tarpons spawn all year uninterrupted by fishing activities or seasons. Tarpons are also slow-growing and take up to 7 years to reach full maturity. They can be as long as 8 feet and weigh as much as 200 pounds. The longest living tarpon on record lived out to be 63 years old.

 Scientists in Florida now have empirical studies that place the average life span of tarpon at 50 years of life.  Tarpons are also called SilverKings due to their reflective bodies that seem to beam a flash of light when the tarpon jumps out of the water.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Tarpon in Destin

Tarpon usually feeds on crabs and small fish, such as horse shrimp, mullets, pilchards, and pinfish. So using either of these for live bait will be a great idea. Once you get to your Destin, Florida, tarpon fishing spot of choice, cast your fishing line with live bait. Make sure you use a circular hook barb because tarpons have bony mouths that easily evade the snare of a J-hook.

Additionally, tarpons have an explosive strike when they dash the live bait. Anglers need to time the setting of their hooks so that it’s not too early and let the tarpon off the hook or too late for the fish to bite. Tarpon also put on a spirited fight when they bite by shaking their heads, jumping up to 10 feet out of the water, and rattling their gills. Hold on to the line with a tough grip and reel in the tarpon towards your charter boat. You’ll know the tarpon is giving in when you see it roll on its side. Unhook it to make the release less aggressive.

Why Choose Destin for Tarpon Fishing

Destin has average temperatures of mid 60-70s, and tarpons prefer waters with a temperature range of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. So Destin, Florida, waters make for perfect tarpon habitat. And with the expert fishing guides of Destin Florida Tarpon Fishing Charters, you’ll have a better shot at catching at least one large tarpon out in the open waters.

Florida Fishing Regulations for Catching Tarpons

In Florida, tarpons have a catch and release only designation to protect their population. To keep your tarpon catch, you’ll need to be a participant in the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), actively pursuing a world record. All you have to do is buy a tarpon tag at $50. Tarpon tags have a one-person per tag, per year policy. The state only permits hook and line as the preferred tarpon fishing gear.

Why Choose Destin Florida as Your Next Tarpon Fishing Charter

The tarpon population in Destin, Florida, is always high, and the fish can grow to insanely huge. These two factors present a fishing opportunity to explore the Destin coastline and capture tarpons like never before. Destin Florida Tarpon Fishing Charters get you a fishing license and bring their hook and line only fishing expertise to ensure that anglers comply with the tarpon catch and release regulations.

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