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Redfish are great for fishing enthusiasts of any level and one of the most popular inshore fishing charter targets. They usually spawn in the middle of August until early fall. If you’re fishing without the goal of bagging your catch, contact Destin Redfish Fishing Charter to get started.

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Destin has some of the best redfish fishing Florida has to offer.

Redfish fishing is great for fishing enthusiasts of any level. They can grow quite big and throw a powerful strike when hooked, but they don’t run too far when resisting capture. Thus, the difficulty of catching them is moderate, and it’s also a plus that they’re tasty.

Everything you Need to Know About Redfish in Destin

Redfish are also known as drums, channel bass, bull red, and rat red. Often, you’ll encounter them at 10 to 12 pounds, but there are also 30-pound redfish swimming around – and the heaviest catch in Florida so far is at around 52 pounds. They love to stay in rocky or grassy shorelines, along shell bars, and on shallow flats. 

Common Techniques Used to Catch Redfish

Still-fishing and drifting are commonly incorporated when catching redfish in Destin, Florida. The best baits for redfish during the summer and fall season are shrimps, sand dollars, and crabs, while mullets and pinfish are best used in the spring and winter seasons. Alternatively, you can opt for menhadens, pinfish, and cut mullet when fishing in clear waters; jigs, mullets, and rattling plugs when in turbid waters; and croakers, mullets, and spinnerbaits when in flats.

Why Choose Destin for Redfish Fishing

Redfish management and regulation had been highly successful in Florida, so you’ll see quite a number of them in Destin’s waters. They usually start spawning in the middle of August until early fall. As mentioned earlier, during this time, you can find them inshore around inlets before they travel offshore.

Florida Fishing Regulations for Catching Redfish

Redfish are on a catch-and-release rule in some areas at present. Spearing and using multiple hooks to capture them are illegal, but cast nets as well as hook and line are permissible. In the Northwestern and Southern area, only one fish a day per person is allowed, with a limit of eight per vessel. Meanwhile, the Northeastern zone allows two redfish to be bagged by a person each day, with a limit of eight per vessel. The redfish need to be at least 18 inches in length but not longer than 27 inches.

Why Choose Destin Florida for Your Next Redfish Fishing Charter

Capturing redfish requires quite a lot of patience and care. You need to be stealthy with them, and you need to ensure they’re not fatally harmed as you catch them. Likewise, you need to know their favorite hang out spots in Florida.

Our Destin Redfish Fishing Charters can help with that. We’re connected with the finest and most experienced guides that’ll make sure you get the fish you’re after. Besides keeping you safe and armed with the best fishing gear, we’ll help you create unforgettable memories that you can tell your descendants for years to come, too. Check out our blog for useful fishing tips on Destin, Florida Redfish Fishing Charter and others.

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