Destin FL Offshore Fishing Charters

Destin Florida offshore fishing is synonymous with the white sand beaches of sunny Florida. These are what most holidaymakers look forward to anytime they take a trip down to the Sunshine State.

And there’s more to Florida than its cool weather.

It’s one of the best fishing destinations to check out, whether you’re a Florida native or an out-of-town angler. Destin, Florida, in particular, easily takes the crown as the poster child for nearshore and offshore fishing charters.

Destin has various fish types, a multitude of fishing charters and methods to try out, and friendly fishing regulations for both sport and game fishing. And if you’ve had a chance to go on an inshore fishing charter, then Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charters will take your breath away and have you leave this coastal city with one hell of a fishing story to tell.

Anglers have to note that different weather and fishing seasons dictate the types of fish they can catch and the spots that would be best to bag certain kinds of fish. So, you might want to check in with Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charters before you can even think of calling up your friends or family to put together a fishing getaway.

And now to the juicy details.

Deep-sea fishing is nothing like inshore fishing. With offshore fishing, charter captains will take you deep into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico to chase after Red Snapper, Marlin, Wahoo, and Amberjacks. The fishing techniques of nearshore waters won’t do you any good while deep at sea.

You’ll need to bring out your A-game to hard tackle Mackerels and Cobias, especially if you plan on turning your catch into dinner. Think methods such as deep dropping, trolling, and bottom fishing if you’re to stand a chance to trap Swordfish, large Groupers, Tuna, or any other pelagic and demersal types of fish off the Emerald Coast of Destin, Florida.

But don’t let all this fishing jargon scare you. You’ll be in the company of expert fishing guides who’ve been at it long enough to make your deep sea fishing trips a breeze. Expect your Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charter to hit “The Edge” of the Continental Shelf Close to the Florida Panhandle, at just 20 miles of the coast. You’ll now be treading in waters about 400 feet deep and can expect to wrestle Blackfin Tunas, Mahi Mahi, and Sailfish.

Other spots that your Destin Florida Fishing Charter will likely explore include the geographically unique 100 Fathom Curve. The curve ushers in deep sea terrain at approximately 600 feet deep, surprisingly only 12 miles away. See what we mean by unique? This spot is home to several types of Groupers and Snapper fish. If you want to push it, book a 2-3-day fishing charter and set the sails to the fishing points farther from shore.

Request your Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charter to explore the 1000 feet deep waters of The Spur or Desoto Canyon about 60 miles off the Destin, Florida coast and hunt White Malins or Broadbill Swordfish. Or take it a notch higher and venture out 200 miles away from the beach to go deep sea trolling in waters up to 5000 feet deep.

Remember that dream you had as a boy to go on an extreme fishing trip? Well, this is your chance to do exactly that. Please don’t blow it.

Why Choose Destin, Florida for Your Next Offshore Fishing Charter

Amazing Fishing

This is the “Luckiest Fishing Village in the World” that we’re talking about. The place is known for fishing, so of course, you’ll have a great time fishing in Destin, Florida. Don’t let the time or season of the year be the reason you postpone your fishing trip to Destin, Florida.

Destin Florida Fishing Charters have got you covered. They have full-on fishing charter packages for corporate retreats and friends or family fishing outings. The entire Destin offshore area is yours to explore, sportfish or catch and release dolphins for 3 to six hours on end or even over a couple of days’ worth of an awesome fishing experience.

Great Weather

If you don’t know by now, Destin, Florida, has some of the best weather in the United States. Apart from California, no other place in North America even comes close to Destin’s year-round favorable weather.

Trust us; you’ll want to go fishing on a hot summer day than you’ll enjoy deep sea Winter fishing. Just watch an episode of Deadliest Catch, and you’ll see what we mean.

Bad weather is bad news for offshore fishing charters. The Destin Florida Fishing Charters run a year-long fishing calendar. But don’t be surprised to see charter captains call off a fishing charter if they think weather conditions pose a danger to you and your fishing crew. It would be for your safety, plus you can always reschedule.

However, call-offs rarely happen thanks to proper planning by Destin Florida Fishing Charters, who schedule fishing charters based on reliable local weather reports.

Great Variety of Fish

Destin’s “Luckiest Fishing Village” moniker says it all.  Aside from that, the one thing that makes Destin, Florida, a prime destination for fantastic offshore fishing spots is the varied family of fish species. If you’re going after Groupers, there’s a large family of Grouper fish that you can catch. The same goes for Malins, Snapper, and other fish that put Destin, Florida, atop the fishing map.

Experienced Charter Fleet

We don’t care how much of a daredevil you think you’re. There’s just no way you’ll make it deep at sea on your own, especially if it’s your first time going offshore angling. Plus, you’ll need a fishing license, fishing gear, and equipment that probably neither you nor your fishing buddies know how to work without the support of a fishing chaperone. That’s what our fishing charter expertise is meant to take care of in the first place.

Additionally, the offshore waters of Destin may be brimming with underwater life, but they’re as dangerous as it gets. Anything could go wrong out there, and it would help to have a fishing tour guide in your corner when sh*#t hits the fan.

Rather than risk trying mother nature, you’re better off hiring the services of seasoned Destin Florida Fishing Charters to sail you through your fishing excursion in one piece.

Fish to Catch while Offshore Fishing in Destin

Whether you’re on a party fishing charter boat 20 miles off the coast or further offshore on a Gulf boat, there is something for everyone to fish, catch, and toss into their fishing cooler. Ask your Destin Florida Fishing Charters to take you hunting for any of the following types of fish:

Red Snapper

The fish have reddish scales and are easily identifiable even by novice anglers. They bite more in the cooler months in Destin, making them much easier to trap. Only a handful of Red Snappers are found close enough to shore. The majority of Red Snappers that you’ll catch in Destin swim about 20 to 30 miles offshore. Luckily, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council allows the state of Florida to set recreational seasons for fishing Red Snapper at about 9 miles offshore and up to 200 miles from the shore in federal waters.


It’s a marlinspike-looking offshore fish that’s long and has a characteristic dorsal fin that extends to form a crest. They fall under the bullfish family fish species. Most anglers in the offshore waters of Destin find themselves tackling the Blue, Stripped, Black, and White Malins, which are the prominent Malins in the Atlantic’s temperate waters.


Ever seen a fish with no scales?  The Swordfish can grow to be a 400-pounder and comes in at an average length of 9 feet. It’s no tiny fish. But then again, what would you expect from this large, predatory, and migratory fish that roams the Destin offshore terrain. Some call it Broadbills. It’s highly sought after as a game fish and also for its prized meat.

Greater Amberjack

The Greater Amberjack has a whole lot of other names that it goes by. You can call it the Greater Yellowtail, Reef Donkey, Sailors’ Choice, Rock Salmon, Yellow Trevally, or Great Amberfish. This predatory offshore monster belongs to the jacks and pompanos family of fish. And just like its inshore counterpart, the Amberjack, Greater Amberjack is at home in offshore reefs, offshore oil rigs, and wrecks in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. 


Mackerel is an umbrella name for various fish species that belong to the Mackerel family. This fish type is common in the tropical seas in both coastal and offshores waters. Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charters entails trapping and catching the King Mackerel, Atlantic Spanish Mackerel, and the Atlantic Mackerel fish. The Mackerel migrate in a school and usually venture deep into the offshores in search of baitfish to eat.


Cobia’s also commonly called the Lemon fish, Black kingfish, or Ling. It’s a warm water pelagic fish that’s notoriously aggressive. It feeds on crustaceans, small fish, and squids. Offshore Cobia likes to swim close to the water surface along any object that’s either stationary or in motion. They’re relatively easy to fish, but first, you have to spot them before you can cast your fishing line and bait as close to them as possible.

Blackfin Tuna

These are the smallest of the Tuna species that you’ll encounter. Their bodies have an oval shape. They have a black stripe that runs from the top of their head to the tailfin and a characteristic yellow on the side of their bodies. Despite having an aggressive bite, Blackfin Tuna are widely popular with Destin, Florida, offshore anglers.


It’s probably the fastest fish swimming the tropical and subtropical offshore waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Indian Ocean. Wahoo is a popular game and sport fish. Measuring an average of 7 feet, this 180-pound predator makes for good fish meat.


If you thought the Wahoo is fast, wait until you see the Sailfish cruise past your chartered boat at lightning speeds that can reach 60 miles an hour. Perhaps the fish get the speed from their extraordinarily large dorsal fins that can grow taller than the fish’s entire body length. They feed on small fish far from the ocean shore. 

Anglers going on a Sailfish offshore fishing charter should prepare for the most brutal tackle of their lives. Sailfish never go down without a fight. They will leap and drive vigorously before you can finally land them in your charter boat.

Types of Offshore Fishing

The type of game fish you’re after and the fishing spot you’re working with warrants the method and technique of fishing that’ll serve you best. One thing is for sure, the less tasking types of inshore fishing won’t cut it when you’re dealing with fast swimmers such as the Sailfish or monsters, the likes of Swordfish. 

You’ll need to gear up and bring only the appropriate fishing equipment. And what better way to do that than to hire a Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charter.

Bottom Fishing

It’s the go-to offshore fishing method that most anglers prefer because it’s hassle-free. It’s as simple as dropping a weighted hook or fish lure to the bottom of the column of water or waterbody that you are fishing.

Deep dropping is a type of bottom fishing done in specific areas, preferably 500 feet deep and over. It’s best to bottom fish when you’re chasing after the type of fish that dwell and hunt in the depths of the offshore waters that you’re exploring.

So, Red Snappers and large Groups are awesome candidates to bag with your bottom fishing trap. Make sure you have what offshore bottom fishers call a rig made up of a hook, line, and sinker to drop your bait to the demersal layers. Wait for the fish to bite and reel them right into your charter boat.


Trolling will help you do a number on those dodgy offshore fishes that keep eluding you. Swordfish, Blackfin Tuna, and Wahoo might keep escaping your bottom fishing lures, but they can only get so far once you decide to troll them.

Trolling entails deploying several fishing lines that fasten onto the back of your boat. The fishing lines have hooks with live baits or lures that drag across the water as the boat moves to give the fish an impression of lurking prey.

When a fast swimming Swordfish or Sailfish gets caught up in the hook, that’s your cue to tackle it hard and land it, all without affecting the other trolling lines.

Spot Fishing

I know we said that inshore fishing techniques don’t work well for offshore fishing. However, remember that the type of fish you’re hunting kind of tells you what fishing method to use. And when it comes to Cobia, no other method is as effective as spot fishing.

You’ll still need a fishing line, hook, and lures. It’s just that offshore Cobia Swim close to the surface of the water, so you’re better off spotting them and casting your lure close enough for them to bite, rather than go with, say, bottom fishing or trolling.

Chunking or Chumming

Chunking, as a method of fishing, comes from the word “chunk.” Anglers using this fishing technique should sail out to fishing spots that’re anywhere between 10 to 60 miles away from shore. It also helps to chunk before heavy tides come in as they will make it difficult for the chunks of bait to sink to the offshore fish directly down below.

Chumming will help you catch a wide variety of fish because it involves using chunks of fresh bait to lure fish. It’s even better if the fish you target cruise in a school.

Once you get to the fishing spot, anchor your boat and get your bucket of fresh bait chunks. Grab a handful and toss it out to the water every 10 to 20 minutes. Wait for the fish to move in for the bait. Toss just enough to draw in the fish and not to overfeed them. You can then cast your line and wait for the fish to bite, reel them close to the boat, and pretty much use a handheld hook to scoop the fish out of the water.

Other Reasons to Choose an Offshore Fishing Charter

More Time Fishing

Fishing tackle and advances in maritime navigational technologies have made it possible for any adventurer out there to pick up and go offshore fishing at any legal Destin, Florida fishing zone. But fishing gear and equipment can’t replace the expertise of a human fishing guide. That’s why you need to hire a Destin Florida Fishing Charter and worry less about the dangers of the offshore while making more time to fish.

Calm Water

Whether the offshore waters will be calm or not depends on the season and time of year. At 10 to 60 miles offshore, you should experience relatively calm waters even in wintertime or harsh weather conditions. But as you go farther away into the ocean, expect a bit of tidal waves. An offshore fishing charter guide will help you identify the best time of day or night when offshore waters are the calmest for fishing.

A Large Variety of Fish

Destin, Florida, is home to different species of fish and fish families. The fish species and clans break down to translate into various kinds of offshore fish per square mile of the Destin offshore waters. From Snappers to Groupers to Malins, Destin has one huge selection of offshore fish.

Why Choose Destin Florida Fishing Charters for Your Next Offshore Fishing Charter?

Experienced guides

You can’t afford to compromise on quality when it comes to offshore charters. Offshore fishing charter guides know all the fishing hacks and how to work those seemingly difficult fishing spots in offshore waters. Be sure to get a reputable captain when you make that booking call.  Go with one that has excellent online reviews, superb background training, fishing reports, and fishing charter certification.

Great Fishing Opportunities

You’ve got drop-offs, offshore reefs and wrecks, offshore rocky outcrops, and several other fishing spots to explore. Destin Florida Offshore Fishing Charters will indulge you in relevant fishing styles to catch your fish of choice with much ease.

Beautiful Scenery

Plan your Destin, Florida fishing voyage to coincide with the Destin Florida Fishing Festival and Fishing Rodeo, and visit this marvel of an event. Walk the white sand beaches and take some time to sample all the seafood Destin has to offer. Don’t forget to check out the city’s landmarks: The History and Fish Museum and The Henderson Beach State Park.

Destin Florida offshore fishing
Destin Florida offshore fishing
Destin Florida offshore fishing
Destin Florida offshore fishing
Destin Florida offshore fishing
Destin Florida offshore fishing

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