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Destin is home to two species of sharks: bull sharks and hammerhead sharks. Both are equally fierce, and hunting them attracts brave adventurers who seek the thrill of the chase and capturing process. So, if you want your fishing adventure to be adrenaline-packed, contact Destin Shark Fishing Charters now!

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Destin has some of the best shark fishing Florida has to offer.

Everyone knows that whoever catches a shark gets labeled as capable, brave, and strong. People may not say it straight to your face, but you know it’s there. Hence, fishing enthusiasts, especially the more experienced anglers, often seek out sharks at one point in time.

Destin is the home of bull and hammerhead sharks, so it’s one of the best spots for shark fishing in Florida. If you’re passing by Florida and are seeking an adrenaline rush, give shark fishing a try.

Everything You Need to Know About Sharks in Destin

Hammerhead sharks are usually 3 to 13 feet in length, and you can often find them offshore. The best way to capture them in Destin is to deep sea fish. Meanwhile, bull sharks boast 100 to 300 pounds of weight, and can usually be seen inshore or nearshore. Fishing for bull sharks in Florida requires you to incorporate light tackling. 

At present, bull sharks are threatened by habitat degradation and pollution. They’re also sought out for their liver oil, skin, and fins.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Sharks

The best place for hammerheads is deep within the sea, but bull sharks prefer to hang out in areas where the deeper part of the ocean means shallower waters. You’ll have to choose your fishing spot according to the type of shark you’re after.

However, both sharks like the same bait: oily and bloody bait, such as mackerel, barracuda, and bonito. Besides deep sea fishing and light tackling, you can also longline, drift gillnet, or strike net.

When capturing sharks, remember that they’ll be tough and will resist at all costs, so brace yourself for that and be accordingly ready. 

Why Choose Destin for Shark Fishing

Both bull and hammerhead sharks love Florida’s waters. In Destin, these sharks get easy access to their prey, so they marked it as one of their hang out places. With the support of Destin Shark Fishing Charters, you’ll be guaranteed an adrenaline rush and a catch.

Florida Fishing Regulations for Catching Sharks

Bull sharks have a minimum size limit of 54 inches. Each person can only bag one shark per day. If more than two anglers share a boat, only two sharks are allowed to be bagged without exception. Moreover, you can only use hook and line when fishing for sharks in Destin, and are prohibited from chumming when near the beach.

Why Choose Destin Florida as Your Next Shark Fishing Charter

Besides keeping you safe and armed with the best fishing gear, we’ll help you create unforgettable memories that you can tell your descendants for years to come. Check out our blog for useful fishing tips on Destin, Florida Shark Fishing Charter and others.

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