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What type of fishing experience are you looking to book for your next fishing vacation? Maybe that’s too general a question, and your head is spinning right now. But not to worry, you’re in expert hands. 

You didn’t land on this guide by coincidence. You must have heard of some fun activities that you can do while down in Destin, Florida. And your Google escapades led you to this detailed Destin, Florida fishing guide. 

Destin Florida fishing

Well, here goes the full spill. Besides the usual holidaymaking in the vacation homes of Florida, basking in the Sunshine State’s year-round warm weather, walking the sugary white sand beaches, and going for a swim or surf in the glistening emerald waters, among other fun stuff, there’s a lot more to Destin, Florida than meets the eye.  

There’s this joke that Destine has more fishing charter boats than it has people or residents. The Okaloosa County city is known for the numerous fishing opportunities it offers to locals, out of state anglers, and foreign fishing enthusiasts looking to have a front-row seat to the Destin fishing adventures.

You couldn’t have made a better choice for a jaw-dropping fishing destination than Destin, Florida. Here’s why you need a fishing guide from the get-go: 

Why Hire a Fishing Guide While Visiting Destin?

The fishing calendar in Florida runs all year long, with fishing charters and different types of fish biting every other month. Do you see why it’s crucial to decide on a particular kind of fishing charter to book beforehand?

In January, for instance, you’re looking at cold weather, but the fishing action will be just as hot as though it were the middle of summer. You’ll realize that you must head offshore to chase after a range of Snappers since bay fishing along the coast of Destin will only afford you Redfish and Trout. It’s not such a bad thing because Redfish and Trout are both sumptuous delicacies and would make a perfect dinner for visiting anglers. 

Destin Florida fishing guide

Come February and March, the biting winter cold subsides and ushers in a flurry of holiday activity in the Destin area. With the weather warming up, this coastal city presents various fish to catch in the reefs and the vast bays of Florida. 

Your best bet at bagging some fish species such as Trout, Snapper, Cobia, and Amberjack will be to bottom fish in all the fishing spots you hit. You’ll have to change fishing spots, gear, tackle, and fishing techniques depending on the pelagic fishing regions you frequent and the types of fish you’re after. 

Talking of the open sea, the Destin fishing scene covers it all. Whether you want to stick to inshore fishing at piers, jetties, potholes of the Destin backcountry or the reefs, the geographical endowment of Destin makes it possible. 

In that case, mention places like Okaloosa Island Pier, Navarre Beach Pier, and East Pass Jetties to your Destin fishing guide for a one of a kind coastal fishing tour. These fishing journeys are typically less than 3 miles from shore and between 30 feet and 100 feet deep. You’ll need very light tackle for inshore fishing. 

Perhaps you plan to frequent the nearshore Gulf of Mexico fishing spots of the Destin open waters to search for an intracoastal, consistent fishing adventure. The Destin fishing landscape also makes that very much reality. 

Like fishing on the inshore waters, the nearshore fishing action requires no more than light tackle since most of your catches will average 20 pounds, although certain Sharks might surprise you and turn out to be 200-300 pounders. Watch out for that. 

Prepare work hand in hand with your Destin fishing guide to battle it out with King and Spanish Mackerels, Tuna, Tarpon, a couple of different types of Snappers, Grouper, Barracuda, and several Shark species (Bulls, Tigers, Hammerheads, and Blacktips to name a few). 

Fishing vacationers in Destin will also take pleasure in the fact that deep sea fishing is part of fishing charter packages they can book. These types of fishing voyages will bring you more than 9 miles off the coastline to places like 100-Fathom Curve and The Edge into waters well over 400 feet deep for demersal fishing. 

You can expect to use the pelagic fishing methods of deep sea trolling, deep sea surfing, bottom fishing, and chumming or chunking, as some fishing guides like to call it. 

Generally, inshore and nearshore Destin fishing guides will cost you around 600 bucks for an average of four anglers on a four-hour trip to several fishing spots, with an extra charge of between $100 and $150 for every additional hour spent out at sea. In the case of more than four anglers, the cost of the guide might shoot up by about $100 per person. 

On the other hand, offshore fishing trips can cost up to a sturdy 800 large for a four-hour fishing outing and as much as two grand for a ten-hour fishing trip. These charter rates vary and will largely depend on the fishing technique, tackle, charter boat (luxury, party, sport fishing charter boats, etc.), type of fish, and, of course, the fishing spot (inshore, nearshore, or offshore spots). 

In Destin, Florida, fishing is accessible for nearly all types of reasonable budgets. You can choose to rent several fishing rods for you and your angler buddies and fish right from shore. 

It would also be great for you to buy a couple of charter party fishing boat tickets, jump on a fishing cruise with your friends, or rent a shared fishing boat and head out for group fishing with fellow fishing vacationers. 

All the above would be smart moves to explore the fishing opportunities that Destin, Florida, serves, but there are some underlying dangers. Don’t be surprised to learn that applying and getting a fishing license isn’t the easiest of preparation tasks when you’re planning a fishing getaway in Florida. It’s a whole process that could derail the actual fishing vacation, which makes it a bummer. 

Destin Florida fishing guide service

Besides, non-Florida residents pay $17 for a 3-day fishing license. When on a fishing vacation, there’s no fun in going it alone. So assume you, your wife, and your kids aren’t Florida natives. 

Or that you’re in the company of, say, five, maybe ten friends, all of whom are from out of state and do the math as to how much the fishing license alone adds onto your fishing trip tab. 

While you can pick up a fishing permit at most local bait and tackle and sport fishing goods stores or get a digital one from the new Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission app, you’re better off booking a Destin, Florida fishing guide. Chartered fishing guides come with a captain’s license covering the fishing license, saving you all the trouble of applying for one. 

It’s advisable to hire a fishing chaperon and ride on their knowledge of the Destin, Florida area, fishing prowess, and professionalism. Plus, deep sea fishing requires heavy tackle, nautical maps, the use of fishing reports, and compliance with catch and release regulations within and without state waters. We’re pretty sure all that technical talk has you thinking you probably should hire a fishing guide as you rightly should. 

Destin Inshore Fishing With a Guide

Now that we’ve established hiring a fishing guide while visiting Destin is the no-brainer move to spice up your fishing vacation, it’s time to dive into what it’s like to go inshore fishing in Destin with a guide. 

For starters, some of the captains that you’ll be paired with when placing your Destin inshore fishing guide are native Florida anglers who grew up in Northwest Florida and know the waters all too well. 

Destin Florida Snapper Fishing Guide

They know all about Destin, Florida being the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village, the fishing capital of the world, the Billfish, Grouper, Snapper, Tarpon and many other fish species capital of the Northern Gulf of Mexico. 

In fact, it might shock you to learn that some charter captains and guides come from generations and a background of seasoned, award-winning fishing guides and accomplished tournament anglers. They have a burning passion to see you catch a fish of your choice on the world-renowned Emerald coast of Destin, Florida and all along the Florida Panhandle.

That’s why Destin Inshore Fishing Guides will assign you a captain who specializes in the particular fishing guide that interests you. For example, a Destin Redfish, Trout, Grouper, etc., inshore fishing guide. 

What’s more, the fishing guide can last a couple of hours, or you can schedule the inshore fishing guide to cover multiple days throughout your fishing expedition. 

Be as it may, nothing stops you from reserving a Destin inshore fishing guide for all the types of the inshore and nearshore Destin, Florida fish species you’ve ever dreamt of catching and tossing into a cooler. 

Inshore fishing entails light tackle, which is inclusive of the inshore fishing guide package. You’ll visit the jetties, piers, reefs, and all other inshore fisheries along the coast of Destin, Florida, to pursue inshore fish species such as Cobia, Grouper, Amberjack, Tuna and Blacktip Reef, Bonnethead, and Nurse Sharks. 

Destin Fishing guide

The fishing guide provides the inshore charter boat, the fishing license, and sport fishing permits. All you have to do is show up, board the inshore charter boat, and follow the guide’s lead on how to sight fish, fly fish, bait fish, or lure fish in the potholes, reefs, and small seamount-rich coastline on the inshore waters of Destin, Florida. 

Fish to Catch While Inshore Fishing In Destin

Beginner and avid anglers have plenty of fish to target. There’s practically a type of fish for all kinds of anglers, let alone their level of fishing experience owing to the rich underwater life in the inshores of Destin, Florida. 


Cobia is a popular inshore fish among Destin, Florida, anglers. The fish are darkish-brown in color and like to cruise the warm waters of the Destin shoreline, making them a prime target for inshore fishing charters. You might hear your Destin fishing guide talk about black kingfish, black bonito, lemon fish, and black salmon. These are just other names for cobia fish.  


You’ll rarely see a Shark in the inshore waters of Destin. But if you do, we are almost willing to bet away a free Destin inshore fishing guide that the Shark species will either be a Hammerhead, Bonnethead, Blackfin Reef, Nurse, or Tiger Shark. Prove us wrong when you spot one. 


The waters off the coast of Destin harbor the largest habitat of Tarpon anywhere in the world. We guarantee that you’ll almost always trap and onboard at least one Tarpon. At the same time, inshore fishing in Destin, especially because Tarpon roam the estuaries and lagoons of the indo-pacific, including Florida in the United States.


Most anglers and fishing guides may call it Redfish but remember it also goes by redrum, puppy drum, spot tail, channel bass, or just Red. Known for its copper-colored scales, it’s one of the most dominant fish species in the Gulf of Mexico, spread out across the vast Florida to Mexico region.

Speckled Trout

The speckled or spotted trout happens to be a top target for many sport and recreational fishermen mainly because the saltwater fish swims the estuaries of the southern United States in Florida along the coasts of Destin.


Sharks, Tarpon, and Groupers are some of the large inshore fish of Destin, Florida. You’ll readily identify them by their large mouths. Look for them in the coral and artificial reefs of the Florida flats and shallows. In Destin, anglers are likely to come across the gag, red, black, and goliath groupers. Ensure your fishing guide’s license exempts you from catch and release regulations before roping in a trout for dinner. 

Destin Offshore Fishing With a Guide 

We wouldn’t be quick to term Destin offshore fishing the exact opposite of Destin inshore and nearshore fishing. The reason simply being that some aspects of inshore and nearshore bay fishing resemble those of deep sea fishing. For instance, you can successfully bottom fish in inshore and nearshore waters that run into depths between 20 feet and 100 feet deep. 

And don’t expect the rest of your offshore fishing experience to unfold much differently from that of your inshore fishing adventure. 

It’ll start with you placing that all-important booking call to state when you’ll be scheduling your Destin offshore fishing guide, how many vacationer reservations you want, and the types of offshore fish you’d like to hunt. 

The captain or guide proceeds to make your Destine offshore fishing guide itinerary so that all the pieces fall into place. The notable differences will probably lie in the type of charter boat that you get. It must be the rigid, well-equipped type that can stand the full-court pressure of the deep sea terrain

Other than that, you’ll get all the fishing prerequisite documentation, including fresh-saltwater licenses, gamefish permits, necessary gear, heavy tackle, and the best offshore fishing guide Destin has to showcase. 

Fish to Catch While Offshore Fishing In Destin

Request that your Destin offshore fishing guide takes you hunting for any of the following types of fish:

Red Snapper

Remember two things when offshore hunting for red Snappers: They have reddish scales and bite more in the cooler months in Destin. Most Snapper family fish reside in the offshores’ demersal, so it’s a good thing anglers and Destin fishing guides have a 20 mile to a 200-mile recreational fishing zone that covers both state and federal waters. 


They may be distant from their inshore relatives, but offshore Cobia also swims close to the water’s surface along moving or stationary objects. Bait them when you spot them. That’s it. 


It’s a notable game and sport fish that cruises at high speeds across the tropical and subtropical offshore waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. Never pass the chance to have a bite of freshly grilled Wahoo, as it makes for good fish meat.


Marlins resemble a marlinspike hence the name. Marlin types to target and catch for anglers on a Destin offshore fishing guide include Blue, Stripped, Black, and White Marlins that swim the Atlantic’s temperate waters. 

Greater Amberjack

Like its coastal counterpart, the Amberjack, Greater Amberjack is at home in offshore reefs, offshore oil rigs, and wrecks in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.  

Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin Tuna are small in size and are oval-shaped. They’re probably the first offshore fish that you’ll use your heavy tackle on because of their aggressive bite. 

Why Choose Destin Florida Fishing Charters as Your Fishing Guide?

It’s a simple, straightforward question that could figuratively generate a million answers, some of which we’ve highlighted all through this guide thus far. But to top it all up, you should choose Destin Florida Fishing Charters as your fishing guide because they have:

Experienced, Native Destin Captains

The year-round warm weather or group fishing with your semi-skilled angler friends on a rented boat has nothing on a professional native Destin fishing guide captain. 

Experienced Destin Fishing Guide

We are talking about fishing scouts with years of experience and the know-how of damn near every inch of fresh and saltwater fishing zones in the Destin, Florida area and beyond to other fishing zones around Florida. 

Getting a Destin native for a fishing charter captain or being privileged to hang out with so much as one of this calibre of captains will turn you into a pro-angler real quick. They don’t come cheap because they are highly sought after and tend to be booked most of the year. So schedule an inshore or offshore fishing charter with one while you can.  

Top-Notch Equipment (Boat and Tackle)

Inshore waters may not seem dangerous, but trust us, we’ve seen our fair share of mishaps that could rock a fishing crew while hunting fish in shoreline waters. 

You need specially designed charter boats to fish the reefs and creeks of Destin. Otherwise, venturing into these pelagic regions with the wrong vessels could damage the marine ecosystem, affecting the very fish that you’re after. By the way, having the appropriate fishing boat is one of the requirements that fishing boat operators and boat rental firms must look into before hiring out their boats. 

The same requirement goes for nearshore kayaks, party boats, offshore sport fishing and deep sea Gulf boats. Destin Fishing Charter boats come with full-on sails, speed motors, nautical navigation systems, radios and emergency tools for when there’s an out at sea accident or any other reason to evacuate fishing vacationers. 

You won’t have to bother about fishing lines, hooks, bait, lures, bobbers, sinkers, swivels, and any other fishing tackle either. Destin Florida Fishing Charters ensure they cover all the bases so that there’s less worry and more fishing on your part. 

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