The Real Health Benefits of Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities worldwide, and for many fantastic reasons! This fun sport is easy to learn and fun to do no matter how old you are. Children and adults of all ages will be able to challenge themselves as they master a new skill set while catching fish to bring home.

But there’s more to fishing than enjoying your time with loved ones. There are so many mental and physical health benefits of fishing, too!

Read on as we share the real health benefits of fishing to see why it’s worth trying during your next free time.


The Real Health Benefits of Fishing

Here are just a few health benefits of fishing that you’ll be surprised by!


Full Body Strength

The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Fly Fishing – SVI-NEWS

Ever wondered why many anglers look and feel so fit? That’s because fishing can help improve your overall strength! After all, you’ll be battling fish and reeling small and big fish alike, which will engage your entire body.

Of course, the average angler won’t be working 24/7 and reeling in giant monster fish. But battling even just small fish regularly will engage your back, shoulders, arms, legs, and core. It’s a whole-body workout that trains your body, improving both your strength and endurance.

Not only will you look good, but you’ll feel great and be able to use your strength in your daily life.


Burn Calories

Eating Small Fish is Healthier | In Fitness And In Health

Did you know that fishing can improve your cardiovascular health because it’s a great calorie burner? On average, fishing can burn 200 calories an hour.

However, this will depend on the type of fishing you do! You won’t be burning calories when you spend most of the time sitting and waiting with beer and bar chow. However, when you’re walking around to test different spots, recasting lines, and reeling in fish, then you’ll be burning calories and working your heart and lungs.


Boost Your Immune System

Because you will be outdoors the entire time while fishing, you’ll get a lot of vitamin D! Just don’t forget the sunscreen and other forms of sun protection to avoid a nasty sunburn.

Going back to vitamin D, getting enough of this will help the body regulate calcium and phosphorous absorption. These are two important minerals to improve your immune system function, which helps protect you against diseases.

You’ve got to thank fishing and other outdoor activities for this benefit!


Instill Patience and Self-Reliance

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We live in a world filled with over-stimulation and instant gratification. Fishing combats this and puts your patience to the test. Unless you’re extremely lucky, you won’t be dropping your line and hooking a fish to reel in immediately.

Some days or fishing trips will leave you going home empty-handed! Persistence in catching fish will help you become more patient even during bad days. You are willing to accept defeat but will never quit. This is what fishing teaches you, as you will be waiting for a bite to reel in and focusing on the waters to avoid missing the action.

The patience you learn from fishing (and any other activities) can help with your overall health. This is because impatience can end up causing stress, weakening the immune system, and raising blood pressure. On the other hand, patience can help you stay calmer and more content.

Besides patience, fishing can also build self-reliance. The activity will put people out in the wilderness and have them master various skills. The more involved you become in fishing, the more you will learn, from hunting tackle to driving a boat yourself! You may also need to do quick fixes with your gear and also learn more about fish behavior.

All this can teach you to become more independent and self-reliant. Rather than depending on others or freezing up when problems arise, you can use your quick thinking and resources to find solutions yourself.

Speaking of learning new skills, expect to learn and practice various skills and techniques with fishing. It isn’t just about reeling fish in with a rod! When you challenge your mind, you stimulate the neurons in your brain, keeping it sharp while improving concentration. This can help fight off cognitive decline!


Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Western fisheries not collapsing, but Asian waters 'unmanaged and  unrecorded'

You’ll be spending your entire day in a mountain stream or on a boat, away from the busy city life. Spending long hours in nature while performing focused tasks is comparable to meditation! Meditation is linked to decreased anxiety and lower blood pressure, which helps both your physical and mental health.

Plus, who wouldn’t feel more relaxed when enjoying peace with mother nature as their company? You can feel your stress melt away with every breath of fresh air.

Moreover, you get a much closer connection with nature and the living beings living in it. This alone can provide a ton of health benefits that will help your mind, body, and soul.


Bond with Family and Friends

Health Benefits Of Fishing: 13 Positive Physical and Mental Effects –  Tackle Village

A fishing trip is an excellent opportunity to create new memories with your loved ones. Moreover, if you join a public fishing charter, you can create new connections with fellow anglers!

No matter who you’re fishing with, social interaction can help with your mental health and well-being. Maintaining positive relationships will help you feel happier, more fulfilled, and more secure in life.


Wrapping It Up

Who knew that fishing is such a healthy activity for the mind and body? From burning calories to destressing, this activity is surely worth trying at least once in your lifetime.

If you’re interested in fishing for the first time, or if you’re a seasoned angler planning the ultimate fishing trip to reap the benefits it offers, contact us now. We offer fishing charter services so you can focus more on reeling in your target species while we take care of navigating the waters and planning out your itinerary!

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